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Cajun Etouffee Fries

Seasoned, crispy fries, loaded with your choice of  fried Seafood , Alligator or Fish, Smothered with our signature Etouffee sauce.

Shrimp n Grits

Creamy, smoked bacon and Cheddar cheese grits, with Cajun, bacon, shrimp.

Fried Alligator basket

Tender, hand breaded nuggets, of wild caught Alligator, seasoned fries and remoulade, dipping sauce.

Seafood Classics, Shrimp Scampi

Gulf Shrimp, traditional or Cajun style  L​emons, fresh garlic, REAL butter and white wine

New Orleans Classic

Beignets! Shh! don't tell Cafe du Monde, but people say ours are better.

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